One Down, Two to go…

I cannot believe that I have made it to my final week of first year as a trainee teacher! It is very true what they say about university happening very fast but I did not think it would fly by this quickly.

I have really enjoyed my time as a first year student and can confidently say that I have started to identify what my teaching identity is and what kind of teacher I can be. I thought that as my last post of first year, I would go through all my favourite parts of my first year of the Primary Education course!

Faculty of Education
  • Science – I really loved all my science classes this year, enough to change from an English Specialist to a Science Specialist! The lessons were really fun and engaging and I can’t wait to use what I have learned in my own classroom some day!
  • Lectures – to be honest, I thought that the lectures were going to be boring but, I was pleasantly surprised when I attended the first couple of lectures and they were anything but boring.
  • 1D – I have met some really lovely people on this course, especially in my seminar group. Could not have done maths from 4-6 on a Thursday without them!
  • Placement – this goes without saying that professional practice really did make me even more passionate about becoming a teacher, even when I had my doubts. I loved the school that I was placed in so much and the help and support I received throughout my practice was immense.
  • APD lectures – these were probably one of my favourite lectures to attend because I always found them really interesting and engaging.
  • Minor Specialism – I was so glad that I was able to dedicate one day out of my week to work on a subject that I was really really passionate about which is Physical Education. It was so different from sitting in the lecture hall or class as I was able to move about but learn as well.

Thank you for reading! I am so happy with how my first year has went and I cannot wait until my next year begins!

Lauren x

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