Coping with change.

Hey everyone, and welcome to part 3 of My Digital Story! I am currently on placement for my first year of being a trainee teacher and I am loving every minute of it so far. In part 4 of My Digital Story, I will go into more detail about how I have been finding it and what I have been getting up to!

For this part, I wanted to add in something that I struggled with the most when I first started this journey and how I overcame it as I believe it might help anyone else who has dealt with it. Enjoy!

Starting the course!

When I first came to university, I was obviously so scared about the drastic change that would inevitably happen. I knew that it was going to be different from what I had been doing my whole life, however I didn’t know how to deal with it. It took me a long time to settle into a routine which was not easy to find and that is one piece of advice I would give anyone who is struggling with change, take your time.

Luckily for me, in my first term, I had so many people to help me settle into the change of direction and new journey of my life. And so, when I did find my feet and routine, I had a whole group of people to help me cope with assignments, lectures and I could help them in return.

After I had settled into the campus and the course (after a good month or two) I was so happy and enthusiastic about going to lectures, seminars and as weird and nerdy as it sounds, completing assignments, simply because I knew what I was doing!

Before Professional Practice began…

Now, after going home for almost a month during Christmas, my routine went out the window! I had a new routine at home that was completely different to what I had at university; getting up and going to lectures, coming back to the flat or going to the catalyst to work on assignments was what I knew.

When I returned back to campus after Christmas, I knew everything was going to change which, knowing me, scared the life out of me. As a result of this, I was very stressed and almost made a decision that would change this journey.

After annoying my mum on the phone for a very long time (sorry mum), I realised that this was exactly how I felt before starting university in September and that all I needed was some time to settle into my placement school and find a routine that works for me and my professional practice.

And again, I had such amazing support from my friends and family to keep me on track so that I could continue with my journey of being a teacher.

Now: Week Three of Professional Practice

At this point in time, I am on week 3 of Professional Practice and I could not be happier with where I am in terms of not just placement but mindset and my journey.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have settled in really well again to living in halls and travelling to school everyday.

This post might not relate to a lot of people, but it is part of my personally journey as a trainee teacher and I thought it was important to share all the ups and downs of it as I know I will look back at this and be thankful for how far I have come as teacher.

See ya next time, Lauren Fitzsimons, 1D.

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